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Newsletter 18th September 2017

SS Mary & Michael’s

Castle Lane Community Centre, Castle Lane, Garstang. PR3 1RB

tel. 01995 602012

Dear parents, children and carers, w/b Monday 18th September2017

This newsletter is kindly sponsored by KEITH REYNOLDS BRICKWORK

The newsletter is also on Facebook

The children have settled extremely well after the break and are busy, busy, busy as always! The children making pretend gingerbread men, led us to reading the story and making real gingerbread men! By the end of the week the older children were listing ingredients and explaining how to make gingerbread men! The wild weather prompted discussions about autumn. If you find any leaves or seeds do bring them in. Next week we will explore the medium of collage, using scissors safely and mastering glue spreaders. We can incorporate autumn leaves etc. We will also make apple and/or blackberry crumbles – Thomas’ idea – a way of using all the apples that blew off aunty Janet’s tree! Chopping apple and rubbing crumble mix both help develop coordination.

PLAY AREA – work was postponed due to the weather. Work now scheduled for Friday 22nd September. Apologies for ay inconvenience caused by the materials which were left on our parking spaces.

FUNDRAISING - A really simple but effective way to help, if you or relatives shop on-line at all, is to join and select ‘Hummingbirds Garstang’ to help raise funds. We have raised £547 in the last 2 years with easyfundraising. We really need more supporters as once children leave, parents tend to fundraise for school instead. Joining our 100 club is another easy way to help. See details by register or ask.

NUT ALLERGY – remember we have a child with a mild nut allergy so no nuts/nut products please.

*30 HOURS FUNDING *The childcare help service is now able to provide a temporary code to eligible parents experiencing on-going technical difficulties. Parents should contact the helpline on 0300 123 4097 who will check your eligibility and provide you with a code if you qualify for 30 hours in the event they cannot resolve your issue with your on-line application.

A COUPLE OF REMINDERS for the new term… Please remember a bag with nappies/wipes/nappy sacks spare underwear and set of clothes. All children should bring spare clothes and underwear. It can be left on their hook if you like. Just check for dirty clothes when you pick up. Bring a coat, whatever the weather in the morning. The children like to be outside in all weathers!

SICKNESS – you may be aware that school has had a particularly virulent strain of sickness bug this last week. Phone if your child is off sick you MUST keep your child off 48 hours after last episode of sickness or diarrhoea. If this bug gets into nursery it will spread very quickly indeed!

BILLS if you haven’t been given yours yet please do ask.

DANCE the option of dance with Miss Paula Boscott will continue Thursdays 10 - 10.30 am for a small charge of £2 per week. Add this to your bill. This half term is 7 weeks (not 8) so £14 this half term.

DIDDY DRIBBLERS football continues on Fridays 9.30 – 10.30am - 2 groups according to age. This is also now £2 per week as the company is now charging us VAT. £16 this half term. Add this to your bill if you choose to do it. If Friday is not your day, you are welcome to join us for the football session – it us actually more than just football - lots of fun games promoting good listening and physical co-ordination. The children do love it!

SPANISH started last Monday 9.15 am. We let all children have a taster session – lots of dance, singing, puppets – great fun. This is a great time for children to start learning another language. Great for listening and speaking skills too. If you would like to continue weekly Spanish, it is £1.50 per week.

WEBSITE has been updated but we will have a new look website in the near future and hope to put up photos of our activities on a weekly/fortnightly basis. Other than newsletters and notices in nursery, Our Facebook page will also have most recent information and reminders on so follow it now if you can.

FLOWERS – chrysants grown by Janet’s dad – donations to Hummingbirds. Suggest £5 for 3 or £2 for 1.

COOKING APPLES – off Janet’s tree, 50p a bag!

Best wishes, Janet, Shirley, Carole, Bridget and Helen

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