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Newsletter for Week Beginning 4th December 2017

Dear parents, children and carers, w/b Monday 4th December 2017

This newsletter is kindly sponsored by KEITH REYNOLDS BRICKWORK

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Last week we continued learning our songs for Christmas and we concentrated on the Nativity story. We hope to take the children to look around church during Advent and share experiences of going to church. Following the Christmas Fair, we will get into Christmas mode, making cards and decorations and even making mini Christmas cakes! After Santa’s visit on Sunday we will have lots of Santa stories, chat about what happens at Christmas in our homes. Register at and select ‘Hummingbirds Garstang’ to help raise funds. Get the reminder app if you are already registered so you never miss a chance to raise funds for Hummingbirds! We have just exceeded £616 mark – this has taken only 2 years with a relatively small number of supporters. Think how much more we could be raising with your help. We do rely heavily on fundraising as we are a voluntary setting. 100 club member ship is another easy way to help details on easel or ask. Donate from £2 a month and get the chance to win half our monthly takings every month!

NUT ALLERGY – remember we have a child with a mild nut allergy so no nuts/nut products please.

*30 HOURS FUNDING * NB if your child is 3 this term and you would like to access 30 hours funding next term then you need to apply BEFORE 31st December or wait until the Easter term.

SCARLET FEVER – public health England have sent out an alert that this is on the rise. Please be aware of symptoms and inform nursery if you suspect your child has Scarlet fever.

Although highly infectious, scarlet fever is usually a mild illness, but some patients may require hospital admission to manage symptoms or complications.


N.B. Hand washing remains the most important step in preventing such infections.

SICKNESS Please phone nursery 01995 602012 or text 07796555231 if your child is off sick for any reason. Remember, you MUST keep your child off 48 hours after last episode of sickness and/or diarrhoea - it really helps prevent rapid spread of the bug. HEADLICE – please check regularly and treat if necessary.

BODY SHOP PARTY raise a massive £165 in total, many thanks to Sarah and Gemma for organising this for us.

DON’T FORGET our CHRISTMAS FAIR this Sunday 3RD DECEMBER 11 am (after mass) til approx 1pm.

RAFFLE tickets and monies should be returned by Sunday 3rd. We have lots of great prizes.

CHRISTMAS celebrations…

Monday 18th December ...CHRISTMAS SINGING…. everyone welcome to come along on the morning Starting approx. 9.10 am - we will sing our Christmas songs. Children are invited to dress in nativity costume or Christmas clothes. We do have nativity costumes you may borrow, please ask in advance though. We would like to start promptly that morning so will let children in a little earlier. Please don’t be late, we won’t be able to wait for you. Refreshments will be served after for those who can stay a while. Song lyrics are available for you to take home and practise!

CHILDREN’S PARTY. Monday 18th December, afternoon from 1.30 pm – 3pm. Mr Jolly the magician is coming again! The children love him and he is very calm and has fantastic control of them (he really is magic!) He doesn’t come cheap and so we suggest £5 per child to help us cover costs; we provide food (NOT LUNCH bring as normal!) and a small gift. For those children who do not normally attend these sessions on Mondays, let Janet know IN ADVANCE if you want to attend - Sign up on easel please so we know how many staff we will need.

Thursday 14th December 9.30am we will visit school to watch the Infant Christmas production dress rehearsal. Permission is given by you on your registration forms.

SESSIONS - If you are increasing sessions after Christmas, please inform us which days you require ASAP as staffing needs to be planned.

Best wishes for Christmas and 2018, Janet, Shirley, Carole, Bridget and Helen

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