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Newsletter for Week Beginning 5th March 2018

Dear parents, children and carers, 15th March 2018

This newsletter is kindly sponsored by KEITH REYNOLDS BRICKWORK

The newsletter is also on our website, on our Facebook page or by email on request

We had great fun celebrating Chinese New Year. The dragon dance was a big hit and we enjoyed trying rice and noodles for snack. We made instruments to play, dry rice replaced the sand indoors and we made lanterns and lucky red paper cuts. Dragon stories were popular, including a good oldie – Puff the Magic Dragon. We made collage dragons with 2D shapes, feathers and googly eyes. Children asked for Peter and the Wolf again and have been telling each other the story and listening to and matching the music to the story and characters. Aunty Helen brought in a keyboard this week and the children had go and sang along to it. I have just ordered a small keyboard and guitar to supplement our stock of instruments.

We had a couple of stories reminding us about the need to both listen carefully and share. Stretch dough was very popular and can be easily made at home – flour and water only – it doesn’t spread as far as playdough! Lots of pancakes and pancake tossing. We’ll make cheese straws to eat at snack this week. We had porridge for snack on the very cold days and hot chocolate to drink! So, of course, we had to read Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children are still fascinated by the big bad wolf and lots of imaginative play related to this is seen. So, although we didn’t celebrate World Book day as such, stories are a big hit here all the time. This week we invite children to bring along their favourite book and we will share them. Look out for book tokens by the register. Take a couple - we have LOADS!

We have had great fun in the snow but are now looking forward to some warm sunny days!

Don’t forget you can look at the weeks photos on our galleries on the website.

ADMIN. Please could we also ask all parents for fresh copies of Birth Certificates and proof of parent ID e.g. photocopy of one parents’ passport/driver’s license. These are required now for verification of eligibility for any funding. These will be kept with your funding agreements.

Register at and select ‘Hummingbirds Garstang’ to help raise funds. Get the reminder app if you are already registered so you never miss a chance to raise funds for Hummingbirds! Total after 2 ½ years is over £690 so it’s well worth doing ESPECIALLY if you are booking holidays ( I booked through and raised £40 for nursery in one go.)

100 Club membership is another easy way to help details on easel or ask. Donate from £2 a month and get the chance to win half our monthly takings every month!

NUT ALLERGY – remember we have a child with a nut allergy so no nuts/nut products please.

*30 HOURS FUNDING * NB if your child is 3 this spring term i.e. by 31st March and you would like to access 30 hours funding in the Summer term then you need to apply WELL BEFORE 31st March in case HMRC require more info from you, or you may have to wait until the September term. For 15 hours funding only, you need do nothing.

WHIT MONDAY FLOAT 2018 the theme is the story of Noah’s Ark. Lots of parents have signed up and contact details exchanged.

EASTER FAIR Maundy Thursday 29th March is the day we close for Easter at 3pm. HOWEVER School next door closes at 1pm and we are holding an Easter tombola and refreshments etc in the school yard from 1pm. It has proved very successful in the past. We would greatly appreciate donations of chocolate, eggs, Easter gifts etc for our tombola, and cakes and biscuits. If you can help let us know, thanks.

ANNUAL TOY SALE Saturday 21st April 2018 in SS Mary & Michael’s school hall. Sarah Nelson is kindly organising this successful event, which as it gets known, is becoming more and more successful. We also sell baby equipment in GOOD condition so it’s a chance to sell yours on or buy a bargain. Sell your toys and make some money for Hummingbirds AND yourself, or, donate to Hummingbirds who then take the full sales price. For details see attached letter. Tell your friends!

Best wishes, Janet, Shirley, Carole, Bridget and Helen

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