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Newsletter for Week Beginning 30th April 2018

Dear parents, children and carers, 30th April 2018

This newsletter is kindly sponsored by KEITH REYNOLDS BRICKWORK

The newsletter is also on our website, on our Facebook page or by email on request

The children settled well after the break.

We have been busy planting peas and beans and read several versions of Jack and the Beanstalk differences and similarities in the story lines. We even wrote our own version together – ‘Casey and the Beanstalk!’ Some of us got to make rhubarb crumble and it was the first time some had even seen rhubarb. On Tuesday, Evie, our volunteer, suggested making fruit salad and some children helped to prepare and chop fruit. We made tallies of our favourite fruits and vegetables; this encourages the children to think about making marks to record numbers. We had two hens visit for the week, many thanks to Willow and her family. The children were fascinated and spent ages watching them, feeding them, asking great questions and waiting for eggs to be laid! They laid 3 eggs for us. Next week we’ll discuss how we can use eggs, and vote on what to make, I guess we’ll end up baking again!

Aunty Carole brought in tadpoles from her pond and we are keeping a close eye on them. The children are making lots of observations and asking interesting questions. This week we will share stories about tadpoles, The Very Tiny Tadpole, Big Bad Fish, Hungry Harry. The children area also spotting mini-beasts outside and we will encourage this and look at factual books so we can find out more about them, as well as searching on the internet.

ADMIN. We still need copies of Birth Certificates and proof of parent ID e.g. photocopy of one parents’ passport/driver’s license. These are required now for verification of eligibility for any funding. These will be kept with your funding agreements.

Register at and select ‘Hummingbirds Garstang’ to help raise funds. Get the reminder app if you are already registered so you never miss a chance to raise funds for Hummingbirds!

100 club membership is another easy way to help details on easel or ask. Donate from £2 a month and get the chance to win half our monthly takings every month!

NUT ALLERGY – remember we have a child with a nut allergy so no nuts/nut products please.

*30 HOURS FUNDING* Parents receiving 30 hour funding – check, are you in the ’grace period’?

Tax free child care. I have tried twice to get HMRC to send me a code but they have not done so. I rang

HMRC again (3 times in total!) before Easter and received profuse apologies and a promise that should arrive within 2 weeks but I am still waiting. I will try and find time to ring.

ANNUAL TOY SALE was a great success raising £200 for nursery funds. Many, many thanks to Sarah Nelson who puts in so much effort and time to help. Also, thanks to all parents who helped on the day – we really can’t do it without you all. Please do consider joining us, either on the committee or just by volunteering your services. Most of our committee will leave this time when their children move on to school. Chat to Janet of you would like to know more. We are planning a Summer fair which will be on a Saturday, date tbc, if you have any good ideas let us know.

FIRST AID if you fancy emergency first aid training, then Lewis Lawless, who trained staff recently is going to use the centre on a regular basis throughout the year to run first aid training. Please ask if you are interested.

WEATHER – If we get some sunny days please could you apply sun-cream before nursery. If the weather is really hot we can reapply later with your permission. Please provide a sun-cream which you know is suitable to your child’s needs. Sun hats and glasses are available but best to bring your won for those really bright days. Also, this being England! Best to send in a jacket just in case!

SPARE CLOTHES – it is advisable to send a bag of spare clothes just in case your child gets wet in play or has an accident. All collection of spares has reduced and we are very short of underwear and spare trousers.

SCHOOL PLACES – now you have your place confirmed, the school of your choice should be sending you a pack with details of pre-school visits and transition. They all vary. Let us know which days your child will be visiting school so we can chat about it with them. I have explained to the pre-school children that the aunties are like teachers and our job is getting them ‘ready for school’, so we are looking for good listening, tidying after selves, being kind, sharing, going to toilet themselves, dressing – own coats, zips, shoes etc

Best wishes, Janet, Shirley, Carole, Bridget and Helen

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