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Newsletter for Week Beginning 21st May 2018

Dear parents, children and carers 21st May 2018

This newsletter is kindly sponsored by KEITH REYNOLDS BRICKWORK

The newsletter is also on our website, on our Facebook page or by email on request

Last week we chatted about the forthcoming Royal wedding, the Royal family, our country and our capital city London. We focused on the idea of celebrating and this week we’ll look at other special occasions where we celebrate – births, birthdays, christenings – our forthcoming Children’s festival. We’ll chat about the different ways people like to celebrate and the pride people take from these events. Maybe your child would like to bring in a photo to share with us? Last week we focused on red white and blue, and at the end of the week the children helped to make red a big red, white and blue celebration cake! It was delicious! Aunty Shirley celebrates a special birthday on Friday and we will be making her a special cake! We’ll ask her how she likes to celebrate her birthday and possibly go out on the school field for a picnic and some fun and games, as the weather looks like it is going to stay fine.

Register at and select ‘Hummingbirds Garstang’ to help raise funds. Get the reminder app if you are already registered so you never miss a chance to raise funds for Hummingbirds! WE’VE RAISED NEARLY £700 so far!

100 club membership is another easy way to help details on easel or ask. Donate from £2 a month and get the chance to win half our monthly takings every month! The other half helps towards our rent to the parish.

NUT ALLERGY – remember we have a child with a nut allergy so no nuts/nut products please.

*30 HOURS FUNDING * Parents receiving 30 hour funding – check, are you in the ’grace period’?

WEATHER – on these sunny days please could you apply sun-cream before nursery. If the weather is really hot we can reapply later with your permission. Please provide a sun-cream which you know is suitable to your child’s needs. Sun hats and glasses are available but best to bring your own for those really bright days (please write manes in initials in the hats!). Also, this being England! Best to send in a jacket just in case!

SPARE CLOTHES – all children, PLEASE send a bag of spare clothes just in case your child gets wet in play or has an accident. WATER PLAY IS POPULAR IN THE SUNNY WEATHER AND WE DO TEND TO GET A BIT

WET!! Our collection of spares has reduced and we are very short of underwear and spare trousers.

GDPR you may have heard that new law regarding how we deal with your personal data comes into force 25th May 2018. I started to given out, and have received back some privacy notices and signed consents. If I miss you out please do ask.

BABY AND TODDLER MORNING: I have been discussing with one of our mums the possibility of a morning where we encourage mums with young children to stay for a play, refreshments and to socialise with other parents and carers. Look out for details. It’s likely to be a Monday from 9 am to 10.30am and would be run by parents. We can give it a try and see how out works and then decide whether it will be weekly, every other week, every half term.

CHILDREN’S FESTIVAL FLOAT: thank you so much to all those parents involved in the float this year. I know that A LOT of hard work has gone into it all. GOOD LUCK – at least it looks like you will get good weather unlike last year when you all got soaked! Thank you for representing Hummingbirds in our local community and taking pride in being part of it. The children are really excited. As they say it’s the taking part that counts! Staff will be in the crowds waving you and offering their support.

STAY and CHAT in the past we have asked parents to come in, chat and look at their child’s learning journal. However, as we are so busy at this time of year, it is really not practical. If you want to see your child’s learning journal, anytime, please ask and you can look at it in the waiting area or take it to look at it home, providing you return it promptly so your child’s key person can continue to add to it. We are always happy to chat about your child’s progress and any queries or concerns you have. Later in the term, the keypersons of pre-school leavers will be writing a transition report to which you can add, along with anything your child has said about going to school.


WE CLOSE FRIDAY 25TH May at 3pm and reopen at 9am 4th June.

Best wishes, Janet, Shirley, Carole, Bridget and Helen

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