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Newsletter for Week Beginning 3rd of June 2019

Dear parents, children and carers 3rd June 2019

This newsletter is kindly sponsored by KEITH REYNOLDS BRICKWORK

The newsletter is also on our website, on our Facebook page or by email on request

Welcome back after the Whit break. Congratulations to all the children and parents who took part in this year’s children’s festival and a very big THANK YOU for taking part and enabling our children to be part of the experience and local community.

This term we will start by chatting about our holiday, as some children have already enjoying their family breaks and other children are talking about their holidays yet to come. We can chat and find out about different ways to travel, different places and climates. Do send us a postcard and/or send in holiday photos to talk about.

FROGS our tadpoles turned into tiny froglets and have moved back to Aunty Carole’s pond. DUCKS are thriving too. The fish will be back for this last half term. Some of the children are fascinated by sea creatures and so we will explore this theme too during this half term. We are going to build a little nature pond with the children.

NUT ALLERGIES – just a reminder that we have children with NUT allergies and we politely ask that parents do not send in nuts or any products containing nuts.

PRE-SCHOOL CHILDREN Our older children will start attending their pre-school induction sessions soon. Different schools have different dates – please let us know when your child is attending his/hers so we can chat to them about it. A lot of talk about ‘BIG’ school can increase anxiety in some children. It seems close to us but to a child, September is a long, long time in the future. We have a couple of booklets with advice for parents pre starting school and you can always chat to us if you are concerned.

Help us get to £1000! Using £869 raised over the last 3 ½ years. Please join now and help us reach a £1000 by Christmas. We can raise funds easily if all the people who shop online, register on and select ‘Hummingbirds – Garstang’ as their chosen cause. Every time you shop with participating retailers, we receive a percentage. If you are booking a holiday on-line then BIG donations can be earned.

100 club membership BE IN IT TO WIN IT! It’s easy to join. Most of our members have been supporters for many years, it would be lovely to see some new names on the list. Our prize fund is still currently £67 per month but will go up every time a new member joins us. Donate from £2 a month per number to go in the monthly draw and get the chance to win half our monthly takings.

30 HOURS FUNDING Working parents: If you think you want to use up to 30 hours from 1st September YOU MUST apply for your code by 31st August. You do not need to use all 30 hours. We apply for funding for the hours you use. Parents who already have a 30 hour’ eligibility code REMEMBER to check if are you in the ’grace period’. You can lose funding if you do not respond to the HMRC reminders to update your funding.

SUN CREAM – please apply sunscreen before nursery starts and if necessary, we can top it up after lunch. If you want us to reapply it, you need to send sun-cream in for your child, labelled clearly. Your permission for us to apply cream is given on your registration forms. We will leave a basket out for it as we have not time to search bags to see if sun-cream has been sent.

SUN HATS it is better to send hats and to wear loose clothing which covers well. It has been very hot in the play area in the afternoon. We do bring the children in if we think they are getting too hot and provide water outside to drink.

SPARE CLOTHES are also needed as water play is always very popular on sunny days and we often get a bit too wet! Also, as this is Britain! – do always send a light coat in case of wind and rain, as the children love to go out in all weathers.

ABSENCES: please let us know if you are going to be away on holiday or if your child is not coming in due to illness. It helps with staffing.

SEPTEMBER SESSIONS: please let Janet know how many hours and which sessions you intend using from September so that staffing can be planned. Thank you. Please complete and return forms which will be given out this week.

EXTRAS – please sign up on easel to extras – dance/Spanish/tennis/diddy dribblers – so we can see which are viable to run from September. It may be prices are raised to £2.50 to help meet most of the costs.

Best wishes, Janet, Shirley, Carole, Bridget, Gemma and Rebecca

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